Dear Innovation Park Community Members,

Similar to how a playwright spends countless hours immersed in writing a story for an audience, the team at BECO has spent $50 million and the past six years tirelessly planning and visualizing, preparing and constructing the Innovation Park “story”. 

Guided by an unwavering commitment to creating a template on which you can build your workday experience, what started as a campus built for authentic experiences throughout your workday, has been transformed into a thriving model of the 21st century workplace.

Your arrival today heralds the next chapters of the Innovation Park story; yet, unlike a book or a play, the Innovation Park story doesn’t have an ending, and never will. Over the coming days, months and years, you will experience the evolution of Innovation Park’s potential, and we’re very glad to have you become a part of it.

Welcome to Innovation Park. 

Welcome to Making Life Better at Work.

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Chris Epstein

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